Temple rules

By George M Grow Jr

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The 5 Pillars on the Path of Evolution

The integral Temple is not a building. It is a life dedicated (to God and) the meaning of life. In order to do justice to the meaning (evolution), it is necessary to care of our consciousness by education (rationalism), cult (empiricism) and ethics (principles).

In this light ethics is not the calibration of an observation instrument such as microscope and telescope in science, but the calibration of man himself, whose observation instruments  – especially in the cultic action – are his senses and his mind.

Far-reaching forgoing of meat

PURPORT: It is recommended that at least the consumption of small animals be avoided (chicken, duck, rabbit, seafood, etc.).

Far-reaching forgoing of the use of screen devices

PURPORT: Screen devices burden us with misinformation, propaganda and bad company. An excessive use prevents us from being alone and the Muse to visit us with serious consequences for our awareness, education, intellect and spirituality.

Regular reading in the Holy Books

PURPORT: The prominent books considered to be holy, such as Vedas, Torah, Bible and George M Grow Jr, metaphysics, MetaphysikQur’an, are little inspired. Both the First and the Second Testaments legitimize slavery and foresee inhuman punishments for sceptics of absurd beliefes. Similarly, the Indian scriptures, the Vedas, place obedience to questionable deities far beyond the meaning and goal of life, the good deed, the evolution of man and humanity. That is the main reason why India has been remaining a pit of misery to this day. When Friedrich Nietzsche said that God is dead, he primarily referred to the Abrahamic Creator-God of the Jews, Christians and Muslims, who is a figure outside the world and not the Living Universe. The Books of Life ignore the old superstition completely. They are the holy, therefore, healing books of our time.

Keep away from zombies and demons

PURPORT: The position of our plan_et in the cosmos or organism of God implies that we are concerned with zombies and demons primarily. Zombies are people who are constantly and relentlessly seeking their own benefits in order to consume as much as possible and exert as much power over  George M Grow Jr, Trinity, God others as possible. Demons are even worse: they pretend to do with good intentions but pursue predatory goals. But even zombies and demons have a meaning, comparable to the position of the prosecutor who does everything possible in court – a place where the truth is to come to light – to punish the accused, no matter whether rightly or wrongly (antithesis). The devotee surrendering to (God and) the meaning of life does not participate in this game. He reflects on his ability to live within the meaning of life, and keeps himself away from vile spirits, unless he has the talent to defend or defeat such creatures (Voltaire: „Crush the infamous thing!“; Grow „Don’t let the zombies win“).

The five rituals

PURPORT: Because a spiritual life without cult, without empirical evidence tends to dogma, 5 integral rituals are practiced in the Integral Temple. They help the devotee surrendering to (God and) the meaning of life to achieve evolution and internication. If communication takes place between two or more individuals, then internication is the communication of a person with the living universe (cf. leadership of God).

The five rituals are:

  • Reading in the Books of Life
  • Meditation of Giving Thanks
  • Unitation (in the place of meditation) and the attitude in which all somebody ’s doings is a single giving (of giving of giving and giving of non-giving)
  • Education, training and participation in the terrestrial evolution and / or support of prayers, projects, enterprises, etc. surrendered to (God and) the meaning of life
  • Fasting month

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