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By George M Grow Jr, 6/2019

With regard to science and the existential senses of the anticonfessional prophetic visionary Wald Whittman

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An antithesis to super-profane esoteric à la Stephen Hawking, neo-reductionism and anachronistic religion

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His theory of history

Wald Whittman proclaims a new theory of history: the walk of man and humanity in three phases. But what will phase 3 be? The message of phase 2, the zeitgeist, is:

All things that live in this world die. This is why you must find joy in the living. And don’t fear the end. To deny this is to deny life. Embrace life!

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„Don’t let the fundis win!“

And this is the old message of phase 1:

All things that live in this world have an divine soul. This is why you must find God. And don‘t fear the harm. To deny this is to deny God. Embrace God!

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And this is the message of the prophetic visionary Wald Whittman and phase 3:

Wald vorne 2019 yeah KopieAll things that live in this world change. This is why you must find eternity (the remaining) in the living. And don’t fear the fail. To deny this is to deny life. Embrace the change!

(Wald – Prophet at a Loss)

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Wald Whittman and the Liveliness of the Fourth Dimension

That the message of the zeitgeist (phase 2) cannot be the end of development is showen antigoneby the fact that the ones with the most possibilities to enjoy life, namely the super-rich, around whom the planet seems to turn, are never happy and never have enought. Phase 2 is the time, in which the intellect, tecnology but also wars, slavery and ignoranz rule the planet, the time of individual and diversity. Phase 1 belonged to the man in cosmos, living in unity with the stars, old myths and the nature.

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His world formula

1 + 2 = 3. Phase 1 + phase 2 = phase 3. The World Formula by Wald Whittman is: Unity + Duality / Plurality = Integrality. With other words: Tradition + Modernity =  Plakat 7 time squarePostmodernity / Integrality. Politically: States + State union = Integrality (= all social circles are intact: family, neighborhood, district, city … cosmos). Sociological: Class society + classless state = Integrality. Ethically: Altruism + Egoism = Integrality (the Integral Value = happiness fades if one or more „higher good“ are missing):

  • Happiness (eudaemonism)
  • Passion (hedonism, classical utilitarianism)
  • Power (Machiavelli)
  • Unity with the universe/God (transcendence, religion/philosophy)
  • Awakening (bodhi) to wisdom and compassion (Buddhism)
  • Satisfying needs (Hobbes)
  • Unity of virtue and happiness (Kant)
  • Freedom (Sartre)
  • Self-realization (Horney)
  • Evolution & integrality (Wald Whittman & George M Grow)

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His existencial religion

Wald doesn’t see the world, as we know it, as an illusion or as an wrong way enchanted by any satan, original sin or witch.

In the Books of Life, he shows that we can solve last questions empirically at least concerning man on the planet Earth. Hereto, we must face at the conditions on our planet and its history.

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The individual sciences try to meet the requirements of metaphysics concertedly: to achieve an authentic image of the whole behind the individual phenomena. Wald:

More or less, everyone is doing the real religion instinctively.

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His meaning of life

In virtue of Wald Whittman, the meaning of life is not the worship of any god, but the more poetry neutral Kopiework and the liberation of the human creative mind. Goethe: „We can always redeem the one who aspires and strives“. Confucius: „We won’t open the truth to the those who don‘t strive for it.“ Grow: „Those who takes up their cross feels lightened.“ Meant is evolution:

To search, find, cultivate … preserve better and better order … in science, technology, in the soul, in society, school, work … at home.


Evolution stands in stark contrast to the Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant au 7and Muslim concept of fate. Denominations, churches, but also political ideologies like socialism and capitalism make answers as easy and as common as possible in order to reach as many people as possible and benefit from them. Their answers are ideological (fundamentalist, frozen), which is why they are contrary to the meaning of life.

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His Worls Cultural Center I-Court

His Copernican turn

Not the creative mind, but vice versa: the matter is the alpha and omega, the first and ICT Towereternal one, from which the mind, consciousness and thinking have been developing only afterwards (= the Copernican Turn of mind and spirituality).

The universe can see better with your eyes. It’s not just the universe that inspires you; you also must inspire the universe.

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His promise of salvation

aaqqqa KopieGoethe’s dictum: „We can always redeem the one who aspires and strives“ or as Wald said it: „Those who takes up their cross feels lightened“, contains a revealed promise to us:

He who does the meaning of life constantly can reach a higher life or a higher planet.

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Everthing you learn in this life will come easily to you in your next life.

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The Revolution of Religion

By Kattia Watson, 6 / 2019


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The history of religion is the story of dogmas in faith. Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism,  Integrale Gesellschaft 2019 yeahIslam, etc. are unworthy of thinking humans. Faith has lost its former innocence and justification and become hypocrisy to itself and the world around us. The mind has to free itself from the oppressive rule of religion and break new ground. For Wald Whittman and George Grow, these new paths run far away from any traditional-ideological denominations. They are not of restorative-religious or atheistic quality, but empirical-existential in their nature.


Empiricism emphasizes the cult, the experience in religious acts, spiritual experiences,  at 5„experiments“, as first attempted in Gnostic faith, although clumsily. Existentialism emphasizes the experience of the soul, not as a mysterious organ in man, but as a dense connection, link and embedding of humankind with the world. God is not outside the world, but is the world. Both materially and mentally we are undivided parts, as a „cell“ in God.

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Pantheism, monotheism, polytheism and atheism do not contradict

Schicksalserben 2019 yeahIf time runs relatively slowly for us, God experiences the same span of time as in a time lapse. This means that God is not an old, almighty, omniscient Father, but a youth who has recently begun to learn and does not learn any faster than the sum of all sentient minds together. Just as man’s mind has structures and regulating processes, the divine mind has „Purusha,“ which acts powerfully on earth as „Purushito“, the little Purusha, inspiring us as we inspire it.

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George Grow, Rome, 5/2019 „Free your soul“

For God, this reciprocal and therefore metaphysical evolution is an important condition for learning and maturity – and thus for the cohesion of the ever-expanding, actually growing world – and for us humans the real or innate meaning of life: evolution.

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My life is a Temple – an invitation to you to discover God, yourself and particularly new things in all areas of knowledge and fulfill both the meaning of life and life itself in tandem with Wald Whittman and all the other protagonists in the Books of Life.

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